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Fall in Love with Luv Tea



At home among the hip and zigzagging streets of the West Village, Luv Tea cultivates a new and burgeoning following of educated tea drinkers. Known for its tournament-grade (that means really, really good quality) oolong teas and tea ceremonies, the modern shop has made its mark as a premium tea destination in the city.


Brought to you by Tea Master Jaesy Wang and Wan Di, much of the tea served here is sourced from Wang’s family farm in A-Li-Shan, Taiwan. She has painstakingly designed each recipe, along with Surpina Berenyi, to ensure that each tea recipe not only tastes amazing, but also has high nutritional value. Alongside the teas, the shop also has an array of seasonal treats made by pastry chef Miwa Oizumi, which pair masterfully with their beverages. Options include milk tea macarons, maple Madeleines, financiers, and cocktail mix.



So what can you expect at Luv Tea? In addition to their Taiwanese oolongs, you can also score the number one red oolong in the world (Lu-Ye Red Oolong), a seasonal tea master selection that includes tournament grade oolongs, a selection of cold brew teas, herbal blends, and both hot and cold milk teas. We recommend booking a tea ceremony, where you can sit down, enjoy numerous steeps of tea and treats, while learning from the experts about the tea leaves, harvesting, how to serve it and so much more. It’s a great alternative to your typical night out, both relaxing and entertaining. (Not to mention yummy!) They also offer classes, from beginner’s open studio to professional training, Tuesday through Sunday from 8-9:30pm.



If this all seems a little overwhelming to you, don’t worry. This place is just as approachable as your local coffee shop — except it’s more charming and aims to educate you as it nourishes you. I’ve never gravitated towards oolong teas before, but now I am going to be seeking them out! (They are great for digestion, after all.) Whether you’re just looking for a quick afternoon pick me up, or seeking for something fun and unique to do, Luv Tea is a great place to add to your to-visit list.

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