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Fashion Phases: Denim Trend Will Never End


Denim has long been an ongoing phase in the fashion community, but as most phases come and go, denim has recently been making a rapid uproar this season. Many fashionistas have been spotted sporting the trend this summer, despite the heat waves and endlessly hot nights, but only in ways a true clothing coordinator can pull off. Rocking denim button downs and leather may seem like the opposite of keeping cool this season, but when said leather is in the form of short shorts and the denim button down you’re debuting is tied around your waist you beat the heat in the most stylish way possible.



As for the male fashion population out there, whether you’re in a warm or cool climate, you can simply dress for the occasion by making sleeveless denim vests in light blue or faded black — an eye-capturing attraction for the style elite. The color denim you choose should always compliment all other articles of your outfit since it is a very structured piece of fabric. Always keep a statement piece of footwear or accessory to keep your look as fashion forward as possible, and of course, adding your own spin adds much to the whole excitement of denim.

Denim Denim Denim

Images via Voucher Codes, FF Blogs, ASOS, Lyst, and Diffusion.  

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