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Firm It Up: A Skincare Brand For All



Something I’ve noticed about being in my late 20s is that my skin is not like it used to be. Those dreaded signs of aging are actually starting to show already! Everyone always says that prevention is the key to maintaing glowing skin, which is why I turned to NEOCUTIS. This brand of skincare products offers a wide range of choices, and they work with top scientists to create products that will help to rejuvenate the skin.

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I tried out some products from the NEOCUTIS Micro Essentials line, which utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide the skin with powerful antioxidants, exfoliators and moisturizers that target specific body parts to encourage cell turnover. This creates a softer, luminous appearance of the skin! Here’s what we tried:


Micro Firm Neck & Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex ($135): I loved that this product was specifically designed for body parts that are usually neglected. Since it’s made for your neck and décolleté, I remembered to treat those parts of my body, which tend to show signs of aging sooner than your face. The complex is made to enhance elasticity in order to create more youthful and sculpted skin and correct uneven skin thanks to the benefits glycolic acid.

Micro Body Rejuvenating Cream ($120): This full body lotion is thicker and creamier seeming than your average body lotion. It uses exfoliating salicylic acid to get rid of rough, dry skin and replace it instead with soft, smooth skin. The cream not only moisturizes, but also firms the skin, and evens uneven skin tones around tough areas like the knees and elbows.

Micro Serum Intensive Treatment ($260): This was probably my favorite of the three products, and with good reason. This serum is packed with a micro-protein complex that is formulated to target signs of aging like firmness, elasticity, tone and texture. Using this unique formula, the serum helps to hydrate the skin while stimulating collagen to increase smoothness and luminosity of your skin. I like to apply the serum before I go to bed at night and I wake up with my skin feeling wondrous. It helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, tighten the skin, and create a more supple appearance.


While I can’t say I have too many wrinkles to begin with, I did notice a change in my skin once I started using these products. I feel as though there is less sagging around my mouth and jawline, my skin is softer and I noticed more youthful volume in my cheeks. Not to mention, my entire body is soft and smooth and my neck has noticeably fewer lines. NEOCUTIS, you’ve found yourself a new customer!

Twisted Talk: What are some of your go-to beauty products? How much are you willing to spend on skincare products? Discuss below!

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