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For the Love of Wine: Tasting Room by Lot18


Tasting Room by Lot18Today marks a momentous occasion. Lot18, a site that brings consumers limited-time access to high-quality, hard-to-find wines at good prices, is launching an amazing wine club called Tasting Room by Lot18. We’ve got Netflix for movies and TV shows, Pandora for music, Kindle for books and now…Tasting Room for wine.

Start off by tasting a range of wine in mini-bottles and then give your feedback online. This will generate a wine profile for each customer that captures the nuances of each individual’s palate. Tasting Room will then use this information, called a WinePrint, to provide a specific selection of wines in standard size bottles to match your tastes. Shipments of 12-bottle cases will be received four times a year, along with helpful insights and advice on what types of wine to ask for at a restaurant, food pairing tips, and other regions and grapes worth exploring.

“While many people may have an idea of the types of wine they enjoy, they feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding new bottles that appeal to their palate,” said Lot18 Chief Executive Officer Jay Sung. “This new club allows our customers’ tastes to directly pinpoint the types of wine they naturally enjoy the most. Tasting Room fills the gap between the online wine world and the local wine store, removing the stress and confusion of the wine-buying process.”

Joining Tasting Room costs $9.95, which covers the mini-bottle tasting kit and shipping. The first club shipment will cost $84.99 and the remaining shipments, sent every three months, will cost $149.99 plus shipping. You can cancel your subscription at any time…but honestly, who would want to? This is the perfect solution for all the wine dummies out there and a great learning tool for wine aficionados.

Get tasting!

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