Get Cultured — March 19, 2015 at 3:30 pm

Free is the Name of the Game with PINCHme



Nowadays there are subscription boxes for everything…from pet supplies, to beauty supplies and even food. But what if there was a subscription box you didn’t have to pay for? PINCHme (as in you might have to pinch me because this sounds too good to be true) is the first FREE subscription box service that allows customers to choose samples from top brands around the country. Do you ever feel trapped when you want to try a product before shelling out the dough to buy it? Now you can!

PINCHme basically offers its customers free samples of household, personal and food products from big consumer brands in exchange for your feedback. Every few weeks, you can select from an assortment, up to three samples, to be delivered straight to your home. The concept is very smart — not only does it allow you to try products before buying them, but it also may force you into trying products you wouldn’t normally pick up at the store, introducing you to new things. After receiving your samples, you just need to fill out a super brief online survey about the product and then you are free to select new samples!


There are additional rewards and incentives that members can receive over time, as well. You will earn points and badges for filling out surveys, tweeting and visiting a brand’s Facebook page, which will enter you to win monthly gift card drawings. Sooo…you get free goodies sent to your doorstep, plus the chance to win more free stuff? Yea, you can pinch me.

Twisted Talk: Do you currently use the services of any subscription boxes? Will you sign up for PINCHme? Discuss below!

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