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Fresh Indian Cuisine at Savoury



Indian cuisine in New York City is always fun to discover. Every restaurant has a slightly different style and plenty of meat and vegetarian options. Savoury Indian Restaurant and Bar on the Upper West Side serves up some really fantastic Indian cuisine.



Starting off with the Garlic Naan and Vegetable Samosas is always a good way to go. This slightly spicy appetizer is perfect for sharing and will get your palate ready for the rest of the meal. If you like your lamb, the Lamb Chop appetizer is out of this world! Rubbed in Indian spices and cooked perfectly medium, this dish is not one to miss!

savoury-nyc-prawns          savoury-nyc-naan

The entrées are always a tough decision and you wonder, should you go with some Saag, Vindaloo, or the ever popular, Tandoori Chicken? The Chicken Tikka Makhani (Butter Chicken) is also a well-known Indian dish, and here they make it just right. These tender chunks of meat covered with rich and creamy sauce hits the spot when you want something with some mild spice. The Tandoori Prawns are perfect for sharing, as well, and make a great accompaniment to the meal, especially because when dining at a spot like this, it’s hard not to want to share!

savoury-nyc-butter-chicken         savoury-nyc-samosas

If you have room for more lamb, an absolute must try is the Lamb Pasanda. This dish is in a Cardamom Cream Sauce and is perfect for you to also dip your naan in. Pair these dishes with a Taj Mahal beer, and you will have yourself one delicious dining experience.

Savoury is located at 489 Columbus Avenue. 

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite Indian spot in the city? Will you check out Savoury? Discuss below!

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