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FreshTape Introduces their College Football Collection



FreshTape is a resealable tape that can be used on food bags, such as chips and cookies, to make it easier to seal and keep fresh. The great thing about this product is that they are so convenient and easy to use and can also be reused many times over. Instead of using bag clips, which take up space and get very dirty, why not invest in a few Fresh Tape stickers this holiday season?

There are three simple steps to using FreshTape: peel, seal, and reseal. Founders Liz and Lauran came up with this innovative idea when they realized how much of a hassle using bag clips are. Being that they are both moms, they saw a need for a product like this that would save them time, space, and a mess to clean up. FreshTape has a variety of designs that everyone will enjoy. From the holiday editions to the food editions, you will be able to seal and store your bags in style.

freshtape-patterns     freshtape-holiday

FreshTape has now launched a timely new collection. The FreshTape College Collection is great for tailgating and making sure that your snack bags stay fresh…and luckily it’s launched before the end of football season! Currently, FreshTape is starting with designs that will feature the Arkansas Razorbacks, Clemson Tigers, Florida Gators, LSU Tigers, and Ole Miss Rebels. FreshTape is raising funds on KickStarter and is offering consumers a way to become a part of this new edition that is gaining popularity.

After using the product myself, I was very pleased with how easy it made things for me. Sealing M&M bags, chip bags, and frozen pea bags are among some of the many ways I used the tape; I realized how this product filled a need that I did not know I had. The bags are easily sealed and when you take off the tape, it doesn’t rip off anything from the bag, which means that you can use the tape again, unlike other products that can’t be used multiple times.

Aside from having a great product, FreshTape can also boast that it is made in American and that it is creating jobs for US citizens. If you have yet to discover FreshTape, make sure that you check out their website. For more information about the company and to order FreshTape you can visit their website.


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  1. I LOVE this stuff..saw it in a kitchenware store and was curious. Can’t live without it now.

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