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Garnished with History Makes the Perfect Cocktail



Midtown is home to countless bars and restaurants, but every once in a while there is a new opening that is too enticing to bypass. Tanner Smith’s, a house of cocktails, transports people away from hectic city life to a relaxed and timeless era of drinks and camaraderie.

Paying homage to the past, Tanner Smith’s is named after infamous gangster Thomas “Tanner” Smith, who reformed his crime ridden life into a life of community service back in the early 20th century.

The two floor lounge is filled with rustic décor that sets the mood for the perfect pint of craft beer or one of their signature cocktails. Choosing one of over the 20 different draught beers can be difficult, but one brew that grabs people’s attention is the Labrador Lager, which is a pale ale that has a wheat taste with some floral accents, making it a must try for anyone’s first visit. On the bottled beer side, Tanner’s list is just as extensive, and even includes Estrella Daura, which is a gluten free beer.


Tanner Smith’s is much more than beer, and has become known for their exquisite cocktail and barrel aged drinks. From the Call me Over to the Hudson Duster, the cocktails brings the vibrant past into the future with a twist to classic drinks. For people that enjoy barrel aged spirits, they can indulge in Stevedores, which is named in honor of Smith’s work at the Hudson Docks. Each drink is ignited with flavors as the bartenders smoke the spirits before serving.

Nothing completes a night like some delicious bites, and everything served compliments each cocktail that is offered. The Grilled Meatball Lollipops, made with sweet and sour Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter glaze, will have you wanting more. One dish that pairs perfectly with anything are the garlic Parsley Fries, which can be devoured within minutes if people have trouble with their self-control.


Even though New York is littered with bars and pubs, Tanner Smith’s is something that stands alone. As people walk through their doors, there is a sense of a nostalgic Manhattan where history meets first class cocktails, and the fun is ongoing all the way to the last drink.

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