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Get Cozy Fireside at The Vine This Winter


Fireplace at The Vine

Who doesn’t like a nice, warm fireplace during the wintertime? No one I know. But us city dwellers are limited when it comes to having a fireplace in our closet-sized apartments. The next best thing is finding a cozy bar or restaurant that fuels the flames as they feed you. Located within the Hotel Eventi lies The Vine, a perfect spot to enjoy comfort food, comfort cocktails and naturally, a fireplace. The space is not small, but somehow it exudes the feeling of being in an intimate environment. Perhaps this is due to the elevated library area, which is a semi-private space complete with black leather couches, shelves lined with books, and a museum-worthy chess set, all of which give you the feeling of being in your grandfather’s study. If you’re searching for the feeling of being in the comfort of your own home, this is the spot to hunker down at The Vine.


The bar and lounge offers only the best when it comes to cocktails. The menu, crafted by mixology gurus Katie Stipe and Yana Volfson, features twists on old classics, like the Old Fashioned, given a hint of new flavor with sassafras added to the standard concoction. The ‘twists’ on each cocktail are subtle enough to feel like your usual drink, but noticeable enough to get you excited for something just a bit different. Other favorites include the Moscow Mule, with the added component of velvet falernum, the Gimlet, with added lime cordial and cardamom, and the Smokin’ Margarita, enhanced by fennel pollen-citrus salt.


The food here is no laughing matter either. It seems to go hand in hand with both the cocktails and the atmosphere of the lounge, reminding customers of home comforts, but taken to the next, next level. For any cheese lovers out there, they have a great selection to choose from, allowing customers to to order up three, five, or all seven options, all served with toasted pane di comune, quince paste and warm hazelnut honey. Patrons will not be disappointed starting off with their Ahi Tuna Roll, either, which is flavorful and refreshing. If you leave without trying the Grilled Cheese you will be missing out on one extraordinary item. This is no ordinary cheese sandwich — with shaved truffle strewn throughout the layers of cheese, along with a truffle dipping sauce, you will find yourself trying not to drool.


Conveniently located near Chelsea’s Herald Square, this is one spot you will not regret hunkering down in for a night or five.




Twisted Talk: Have you been to The Vine before? What was your favorite cocktail? Discuss below!

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