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Get Flawless Summer Skin with Black Opal



The many different varieties of cultures, ethnicities and races in this country is what makes it so beautiful, but finding the right beauty and makeup product for your concerns can prove to be a bit challenging. Companies like Black Opal Cosmetics have been making it easier. Black Opal Cosmetics is celebrating its 20 years as the leading destination for women and men of color, and I got the amazing opportunity to chat with Sr. Marketing Director of Black Opal, Maya Brown, to discuss skin differences, summer trends and the importance of companies like Black Opal.

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One of the largest concerns for people of color tends to be hyper-pigmentation or skin discoloration. Maya suggested one of my favorite products from their skin care line to help with this concern, the Even True Fade Gel. With the highly effective ingredients, Hydroquinone and targeted natural extracts, this gel is a healthy and extremely effective way to achieve an even-tone complexion. For those with a sensitivity to Hydroquinone, Black Opal also offers the Even True Brightening Gel.


With summer being the season of bathing suits and tank tops, it’s always important to talk about the summer must-haves. Although some people have encountered that annoying razor burn or ingrown hairs after shaving, those issues tend to be highly prevalent with people of color. Maya and I talked about the Even True Ingrown Hair Soother, which soothes inflammation and slows hair growth in unwanted areas, with natural plant extracts.

We can’t talk about summer without discussing oil-free makeup and SPFs. With temperatures on the rise, nothing is more important than protection from the sun and reducing oily skin. Black Opal has a phenomenal Even True SPF 15 skin moisturizer. The skin care line doesn’t stop there. Black Opal carries an oil-blocking powder, mineral based and an oil-free foundation.

Twenty years later Black Opal Cosmetics is still producing exciting, innovative and effective products for people of color.

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