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Get on Board with Italy’s Ultra Chic Sparking Wine



A celebration ain’t no thang without bubbles in a glass. Just ask Toulouse-Lautrec, Jay-Z (except if it’s Cristal) and Dan Gurney. The stuff is even used to christen new ships.

The popping cork’s long-standing relationship with sophistication, festivities and the nautical highlife played on the scene at Central Park’s Boat Pond earlier this week, where Italian sparking wine Altaneve held a mini regatta to fete the brand’s availability stateside.

New York’s Upper East Side set gathered around remote controlled boats (hence mini regatta), flutes of the prosecco, and treats from Magnolia Bakery to have a good time al fresco to the tune of live jazz from The Richard Russo Quartet.

Altaneve has an interesting back-story. A new brand, under the direction of owner David Noto (from Genoa but now Manhattan-based), the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG is made by the second oldest producer of Prosecco in Italy from 100% organically grown Giera grapes cultivated in the foothills of the Dolomites. It’s only been available in the US for about a year.

It’s no wonder the Italians haven’t wanted to share: The prosecco’s taste is delightfully crisp with a sophisticated depth that gives Champagne a run for its money. It’s the perfect accompaniment to an aperitivo, backyard picnic or, in this case, a summer party. (Just don’t drink and drive a remote-control boat. In my case, it didn’t go so well.) Salute!


Twisted Talk: Champagne vs. prosecco, which is your favorite? Will you give Altaneve a try? Discuss below! 

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