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Get Rowdy at The Midnight Experience


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One of my favorite things about New York City is the lively and vivacious entertainment that you can frequently stumble upon. There is never a lack of shows and performances and when we received an invite to check out a new show at The Cutting Room, we knew we couldn’t say no. The fun, energetic space has played  host to some great shows in the past and The Midnight Experience is no exception. Promoted as a “wild and scandalous rock ‘n roll show featuring New York City’s hottest aerialists, circus and burlesque performers,” this sounded like a funner, raunchier version of Cirque de Soleil. I’m in.

The Maine Attraction By AB Original

Debuting at The Cutting Room on May 21st, The Midnight Experience will make audiences laugh, gasp, shriek and grin in the early morning hours. The 90-minute show is hosted by emcee and magician Albert Cadabra, who begins by making you feel both uncomfortable and awed when he swallows a six-foot-long balloon. Other impressive acts range from the impressive aerialist Joshua Dean, who seamlessly twists and turn amidst sheets hanging from the ceiling, incorporating beautiful ballet-like movements with dramatic physical feats, to contortionist Miss Ekatarina, who infuses her wowing movements with some comedic elements.

Expect to get a little hot and bothered by the exploits of the Maine Attraction and Mr. Gorgeous, who both scintillate the crowd with their blush-worthy burlesque antics on stage (I even helped to strip Mr. Gorgeous’ very tight body suit off of him!), which means you’ve been warned, audience participation will occur. Throughout the show, feel free to order food and drinks to your table – in fact, the more drinks, the better – the rowdier the crowd, the better the show!

Tickets for The Midnight Experience begin at $20 (with an added $20 food/drink spend per person) and can be purchased here. Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

Twisted Talk: What’s the last great show you saw in the city? Have you been to a burlesque show before? Discuss below!


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