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Get Your Wojo On!



People are always reaching for that one product, be it a drink or some sort of supplement, which will help them get through those tough and busy days. Unfortunately, there are days when we feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, which ultimately drains our energy and stress us out. So what to do when you have one of those days? When we need that extra jolt to keep us moving? In walks in Wojo Nutrition, which will help you to succeed in your day to day activities.

Wojo Nutrition was launched in January 2015 by CEO Carol Knowles, who wanted to create a product for the masses that will help them focus throughout the day. Whether it’s the busy stay at home mother or the student trying to juggle school and working, Wojo is a product designed to meet a variety of needs. Wojo Nutrition consists of a single serving liquid vial supplement that can be added to any beverage. Wojo Nutrition is sold in a small and portable packet that contains five vials. Each single serving vial contains a base of six B Vitamins, a blend of herbal extracts and naturally occurring amino acids. At this moment, Wojo Nutrition has two products available; wojoENERGY and wojoCALM. This summer the company is planning on releasing more products that will include wojoFOCUS, wojoSUN, wojoWELL, and wojoMOOD.

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I can completely understand the need for a product like this, since I have been extremely busy with work, growing my own small business, freelancing, and working on my acting career. I am always one of the first to try out products that will help me get through the day without losing my head; therefore, I was really happy to not only learn about Wojo, but also use the product itself. I mean seriously, where does the time go? While I already take vitamins every day, what I really like about Wojo is that it comes in a convenient packet. The packet itself does not take a up a lot of space so I can just stick it in my bag, and you can basically add the supplement to whatever beverage you are drinking! I have to say that I really enjoyed using both wojoENERGY and wojoCALM, especially during those afternoons at work when I needed a quick jolt. I loved adding one vial to my water bottle during the afternoon, so that I could make it throughout the rest of day;it’s a great new product to use, especially if you don’t like drinking energy drinks or shots.

So if you are ready to get your Wojo on, make sure to visit Once there, you can shop for some of their products. Wojo also has a really educational blog with a variety of articles relating to health and nutrition. You can read about the various nutritional tips you can use to get healthier, and get insight as to how you can use Wojo for your fitness needs. If you join the Wojo mailing list you can also receive 10% off your next purchase!

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