Girls' Night In — July 26, 2016 at 1:00 pm

Girls’ Day Out: Munching on Deep River Snacks



Sometimes you need to stray from your normal patterns and that’s exactly what we did for this month’s Girls Night In series. Instead, we packed a bag and headed out for some fun in the sun in Central Park for a Girls’ Day Out! So any sunbathing beauty knows that in order to beat the heat in NYC, you need not only some major SPF, but major sustenance, as well. Along with my favorite mag (hi BELLA NYC!), a liter of water, and one very large towel, I made room in my beach bag for a couple bags of Deep River Snacks chips.


I am a sucker for kettle cooked chips – the crunch, the munch, the saltiness…what’s not to love?! One of the great things about Deep River Snacks is that they come in an array of delicious and unique flavors — aged cheddar horseradish, New York spicy dill pickle, sweet Maui onion — all of these and more comprise the kettle chips flavors. They also make classic chips, honchos (which are tortilla chips), popcorn, and baked crisps. The honchos make for a great alternative to Doritos, with flavors like ranch, nacho cheese and peach jalapeno. All of the Deep River Snacks products are made from all real ingredients, non -GMO, gluten-free, nut-free, cholesterol and trans-fat free, and cooked only in sunflower oil. They’re all vegetarian, many are vegan, and everything except for the baked crisps are kosher and soy free.



Exciting, bold flavors, fresh, crisp flavors, and ingredients you can actually read? Yeah, this is a brand we can get behind. And take to the park. Or anywhere.

Twisted Talk: Have you had any Deep River Snacks products before? What’s your favorite? Discuss below!

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