Food For Thought — August 17, 2015 at 3:40 pm

Gluten-Free Snacks Just Got Tastier



Snacking isn’t usually known for being a great habit or particularly healthy, but sometimes a craving strikes and you need a bag of something to munch on. Gluten-free options are becoming more and more prevalent in the United States, yet it can still be difficult to find gluten-free options that are just as tasty as their regular counterparts.


Snyder of Berlin offers a wide variety of traditional and unconventional chip flavors, from honey bbq, and salt and vinegar to Vlasic pickle and sweet and sassy. Not only do Snyder chips taste so much lighter and less greasy than your average potato chip, but they are also gluten-free! Often times I find that gluten-free alternatives lack flavor of their gluten-filled counterparts, but Snyder chips are just as good, if not better than its rivals on the market.



Snyder of Berlin isn’t the only option in town for those looking to grab a handful of something crunchy. Erin’s Popcorn, a gluten-free snack made with whole grains, rises to the challenge, offering consumers premium popcorn with great flavor. The company offers traditional flavors, as well as more unusual options, like Jalapeño White Cheddar and the newly released Churro! So now if you find yourself craving a munchy snack option that’s not so salty, the churro flavor can deliver that hint of sweetness you’ve been craving.

With these two tasty gluten-free snacking options, sitting in front of the TV no longer means devouring tasteless or fattening snacks. Up your snack game with Erin’s Popcorn and Snyder of Berlin.

Twisted Talk: Have you tried either of these brands before? What’s your favorite flavor? Discuss below!

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