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Gorilla Coffee Chest Beats the Competition


gorilla coffee

Gorilla Coffee has opened their second location at 472 Bergen Street in Brooklyn. Positioned several steps down from the Bergen Street station on the 2,3 line, this coffee house offers a tranquil atmosphere for thoughts to gather. Owners Darleen Scherer and Carol McLaughlin are committed to service and quality, while taking pride in the business they’ve built.  Beginning with the first Gorilla Coffee house in 2002 their minds are geared towards success. Armed with a mission statement of providing source-traced small batch roasted coffee to NYC, this isn’t your normal cafe. Both of these women are strong-willed, with wonderful personalities. Their dedication to offering the finest roasts starts with the search for the perfect beans.

gorilla cofffee

Darleen and Carol told me of their adventures in Central and South America, exploring various farmlands searching for that particular flavor. Their target is “sustainably-focused coffee producers”; specifically from areas in Brazil or El Salvador. Similar to “farm to table” style dining, knowing the source of your ingredients allows you to unlock the hidden essence.  As a smoker…(judge me later) I enjoy having a delicious coffee, espresso or both while I fill my lungs with tar. I had the opportunity to try several blends at the shop. The espresso I ordered was an Ethiopian roast; it hosted a powerful boldness with a near bitterless ending.  They had several coffee varieties to choose from, some included were “La Falda” from Columbia and “Gigante Formiguiero” from Brazil. I honestly felt like a coffee virgin surrounded by all these varieties but I believe I’ve acquired some useful knowledge since my visit.

gorilla coffee

One really important aspect of the shop is the introduction of their custom-built Modbar. This state-of-the-art coffee bar houses all of the necessary equipment under the counters to allow a more personal view of the brewing process. The set-up also offers the customer the ability to catch an all-angles glimpse of the single origin espresso machine; as well as speak to the barista about questions they may have. I really loved the Modbar because I didn’t have to stare at the eyebrows and baseball cap of the person making my “daily grind.” The equipment is quite impressive, offering “pressure profiling.”  This allows for variable pressures when performing various coffee extractions. The baristas at the shop are well-skilled and very friendly. I really enjoyed this place and will definitely become a regular. If you happen to live near Park Slope there’s no reason not to support the second location. Those interested in home brewing have the liberty of purchasing several of their blends in-store or online.  For further info check out their website or call: (347) 987-3766.

Gorilla Coffee is located at 472 Bergen Street in Brooklyn.

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