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Grab a Glass of Wine at In Vino



New York is filled with boundless treasures, and even for the jaded New Yorkers there are still surprises around every corner. While taking a stroll around Alphabet City, people will be surprised to find a hidden gem on East 4th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. In Vino has been serving the neighborhood for over 12 years, and recently re-imagined its restaurant as the go to place for delicious wines and impeccable Italian cuisine.

As patrons are seated in the quaint restaurant that will make them feel as if they have been transported to an Old Italian village, a glass of Prosecco is a perfect way to cleanse the pallet. With one glance at the menu, people will understand why it has become a staple in the community. Executive Chef James Kelly, former sous chef of Babbo, curated the vast selection of flavorful dishes that pay homage to Italian culture. One of the dishes to start the night right is the Prosciutto di Anatra, which is their own house cured duck prosciutto with sweet and sour onions. Italians will be surprised in its rich taste, which is much better than the normal style.

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Pasta lovers can indulge in the traditional Pappardelle Bolognese for their first dish, which includes Jamison Farm Lamb and Pork Ragu with Parmesan cheese. The Branzino mixed with roasted peppers and bagna cauda rotto completes the second course. People cannot leave without a little sweets, and the Tiramisu is the perfect dish to satisfy the sweet tooth.

For those that do not consider themselves the wine connoisseur, it might be difficult to choose what wine to pair with each dish. The helpful and highly knowledgable staff will gladly guide patrons, and their selections always compliment what is being served. While having the Fettuccine con Funghi Trifolati, which includes truffle-style mushrooms in a white sauce, it is suggested you pair it with a Malbec and Pinot Nior blend…perfection. While the wine menu is ever changing, the quality of the bottles are top notch. Importing blends from Italy, In Vino offers wines from volcanic vineyards and the famous Tuscany vineyards.


Starting a weekly tradition called “Sunday Gravy,” In Vino now offers an incredible way to end the weekend. For $25 there is a three course meal option and bottles of wine are only $15. Each week the prix-fixe menu changes, so even regular patrons will be surprised.

From downtown to uptown there are countless wine bars, but In Vino is a refreshing take that will make every patron wanting to come back for more. Whether it is the tasty dishes, the incredible wine or the first class hospitality, In Vino is perfect for any night.

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