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Happiness by Tous



Last week, TOUS introduced its latest collection at a fancy fete hosted by fashion stylist Gabrielle Swan of Gab & Ab and Rachel Dickinson of Rachel’s Stylish Life. The soiree, which was hosted at EZ Studios in New York City, celebrated the arrival of the TOUS Happiness Collection, as well as new accessories. The company pulled out all the stops, serving all pink everything — from cotton candy and champagne to deviled eggs and mozzarella. The space showcased the latest collection of jewelry, which encompassed bright, fun and vibrant designs.

Their signature teddy bear was featured prominently in many of the designs, while others stood out on their own. The collection really encompasses a variety of trends, with some bigger, bolder designs, as well as other pieces that are thin and dainty. The colorful and predominantly gold collection had recurring themes such as flowers, smiley faces and gorgeous gemstones.

Additionally, TOUS released a handbag  collection, which featured a few neutral colored bags, as well as bright, playful spring colors. We loved the bags that featured the TOUR teddy bear logo printed on them, making a fun, yet sophisticated overall look.

tous-hangbags-1   tous-handbags

To see more from TOUS, make sure to head to their online shop at www.tous.com.

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