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Have a Drink at Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen



A piece of the East Village has arrived in Chelsea, with the opening of Cooper’s Craft and Kitchen’s second location on 8th Avenue. Started by Thomas O’Bryne, David Clarke and Colin Stewart, the location has become famous for serving some of the rarest brews and delicious bar food around.

Exuding a rustic and welcoming atmosphere, Cooper’s Craft and Kitchen captures the essence of an old style bar. From the barrel tables to the wide selection of beers, patrons will tantalize their taste buds with all their offerings. Instead of sipping from the typical brews of Budweiser and Samuel Adams, all the beers come from local breweries throughout the country. One of the names that will grab anyone’s attention is the Evil Twin Justin Blabaer, which is a Blueberry Berliner and, unlike the infamous pop star, has a sweet taste that will make you want more. The unique aspect of Cooper’s is that the beer menu is constantly evolving, so people can visit one week and enjoy one brew and try a new one the following week.


Whether people enjoy an IPA or lager, tasting one of their ciders is a must. Deciding on the cider from a handful of choices, people will fall in love with any choice. With just one sip, it tastes like apple pie has been transformed into a beer.


People just don’t come to Cooper’s for the beer, the comfort food offerings are some of the best in the neighborhood. The homemade pretzels with cheese dip are the perfect starters for the night, but people cannot have enough of them. One of the surprisingly tasty dishes are the fried Brussels sprouts. From someone that would never eat them after trying them grilled, Coopers puts a twist on the underrated vegetable that will tantalize everyone’s taste buds. Whether people try the sliders, chicken wings or fish tacos, and all the foods pair perfectly with the brews.

Eighth Avenue is littered with an array of restaurants, but with the arrival Cooper’s Craft and Kitchen, it’s a pleasant welcome for beer lovers looking for something new.

Twisted Talk: Have you been to Cooper’s? What do you think of their selection of brews? Discuss below!

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