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HENRI’s Backyard is Bringing the Best Backyard Straight to You


henri's backyard backyard

More of a companion piece than a sequel, the second Brooklyn-based restaurant by restauranteur Binh Douglas of the HENRI Hospitality Group is off to a great start. In a cozy space previously occupied by the Pickle Shack, Henri’s Backyard is a “bar-forward” laid back environment in which to sip a cocktail and an assortment of snacks under the protective canopy of shady trees in the heart of Gowanus.

Here’s what we loved:


henri's bourbon cocktial

A bourbon based cocktail artfully mixed with a berry puree and a champagne floater, this drink was light and breezy while still being whiskey based, a tough accomplishment in 90-degree heat. It was our favorite drink of the night.

Life’s a Peach

A softer option, this rum-based cocktail with muddled peaches and St. Germaine added more of a feminine feel to this cocktail list.

Veggie Chips and Dip

henri's veggie chips ad dip

Bean dip can usually go one of two ways – bland and starchy or flavorful and creamy. I’m happy to report that this rendition was the latter, and we kept going back for more.

The Un-Kosher Dog

henry's hot dog

This is a hot dog wrapped in bacon. I don’t think you need any more incentive here, but in case you do, the mustard and pico de gallo dressing make for solid selling points.

Corn on a Cob

henry's corn elote (1)

Served in the traditional Mexican elote style, this cob is topped with a potent garlic mayo, cotija cheese, and a zesty chili lime salt.

BK Made Veggie Burger

Never one to seek out a veggie burger, this was one of the best I’ve had in quite some time. Spicy sprouts and quinoa make up the base of the patty, and the herbed yogurt sauce is a wonderful accompaniment to the hearty multi grain bun.

Vietnamese Baby Back Ribs

Sticky and spicy, these ribs make for a rich, fatty entrée when you’re feeling gluttonous, or an appetizer to share with friends you’re not afraid to get down and dirty with. Have wipes handy because you’re not going to want to skimp on the sauce.

henri's backyard beer taps

HENRI’s Backyard is sure to become a regular part of your Gowanus rotation by bringing the best backyard straight to your backyard.

Twisted Talk: Have you been to HENRI’s yet? What’s your favorite summer spot in Brooklyn? Discuss below!

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