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Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Lumbersexual



The women of the world have switched their attention to the ever-more-popular lumbersexual. If you aren’t yet familiar with this term, check out this article explaining its rise to popularity. For those looking for the perfect gift to wow the lumbersexual in your life, we’ve got some wonderfully rugged and manly items to choose from.


Real men drink whiskey, but realer men smell like whiskey. And we don’t mean they are so drunk that they reek of alcohol — we’re talking about Portland General Store‘s Whiskey Old-Fashioned Wet Shave Soap ($18). Perfect for grooming, the whiskey and cedarwood scented soap works up into a lather and uses bentonite to pull toxins from the skin. Other ingredients such as glycerin, beeswax and cocoa butter make for a hydrating shave experience. No one will judge you for having this on your sink.


Make your intentions known with Say it With a Condom‘s Hanukkah Condom Collection ($11.95). This comedic company sells both Christmas and Hannukah-themed condoms that are funny, affordable and original. Their Hannukah condom collection comes with six individual condoms with witty sayings like ‘Challah Back’ and ‘Jews Do It for 8 Nights.’ Furthermore, the website allows you to customize your own design should you wish to make things personal and the novelty condoms are FDA-approved. Be safe over the holidays!


Meat is the best way to a man’s heart and bacon often takes the number one spot. Jeff’s Famous, known for producing high-quality and damn tasty jerky is taking things to the next level with their Four Flavor Real Bacon Jerky Variety Pack ($27.95). The variety pack includes all four of their real bacon jerky flavors – maple brown sugar, sweet lemon pepper, honey jalapeño and honey glazed sriracha black pepper. If you want to impress your favorite lumbersexual, this is the way to go.


Can one really be considered a lumbersexual if they aren’t wearing plaid? Well, the answer is no, they cannot. Sears is the place to go to find this Outdoor Life Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt ($44) that gets your guy lookin’ outdoorsy. The rustic vibe of this shirt is perfect on its own, under a vest, or layered over a T-shirt, so no matter how your man rocks his lumbersexuality, it’s got all of his bases covered.


Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman (practically the same person) is probably the mastermind behind the lumbersexual movement and he knows that when it comes to money, it’s best to keep yours in gold. Luckily, PaperGold has arrived, giving people a new way to handle their fortune. Picture a regular dollar bill infused with one tenth of a gram of 24 karat liquid gold and you will be picturing the innovative new way to carry around gold. Bendable, lightweight, and resilient, PaperGold is an easy and convenient way to invest in gold. Ten dollar bills sell for $100. Cha-ching!


For all types of terrain, the rugged lumbersexual in your life will love getting his hands (and feet) on a pair of Cat Footwear‘s Pentonville Boots ($117). The manly boot is made with full grain leather and nylon mesh lining, making it not only comfortable, but durable, as well. Weather gallivanting in the woods or out for a night on the town, these boots will take you wherever you want to go.


To keep the facial hair properly groomed, all men need to get their hands on The Art of Shaving‘s Mach 3 Horn Shaving Set ($485). The swanky set is beautifully crafted from authentic horn and contains a razor, brush and stand that will put to shame whatever his best buddy’s got on his counter. The razor can be used with Mach 3 blades by Gilette and will keep the lumbersexual from looking too overgrown.


Forget carrying around a fancy pocketknife and don’t worry if you can’t get out of the city to some rural wooded area…now you can carry some wood wherever you go. The Garwood‘s Kuta Watch ($159) is an unbelievable wood wristwatch that will look great with the lumbersexual’s propensity for plaid or even with a nice suit. Handcrafted out of dark sandalwood grown in Indonesia, this watch is named after the town in which its inspiration came from.

Twisted Talk: What do you think of this new lumbersexual fad? What’s your favorite gift on our list? Discuss below!

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