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Ice Cream Has Never Been So Sweet



Ice cream. There are few people on this planet that don’t love it. And those people are idiots. Nothing makes the end of a day sweeter than indulging in some top notch ice cream and we’ve discovered a brand that will knock you right out of your socks. Choctál is a gourmet ice cream company that brings you flavors from different regions around the world.


Right now the company has an array of chocolate and vanilla flavors that will impress even the pickiest palates. Expecting to only enjoy the chocolate flavors, I was immediately impressed with the creamy and flavorful vanillas I tried. In fact, I couldn’t seem to get enough. Each distinct flavor is named for the hand-selected origin of the cacao or vanilla beans from which they were sourced. The Mexican Vanilla is enhanced with a touch of cinnamon and coconut, while the Papua New Guinea Vanilla has notes of cherry. Rivaling for our favorite of the bunch were the Madagascar Vanilla, which combines pure bourbon vanilla and flakes of vanilla beans, and the Indonesian Vanilla, which is a smooth, creamy, classic bourbon vanilla. For someone not keen on vanilla, these ice creams really made me think twice…I could eat a whole carton in one sitting!


The chocolates are a whole different story. Extremely rich, these ice creams are made for a chocolate lover’s dreams. For those who can’t get enough dark chocolate, the Kalimantan Chocolate is right up your alley, which is a dark, intense chocolate with a hint of caramel. The Dominican Chocolate utilizes organic-certified cocoa and has hints of mocha, licorice, nutmeg and cloves, while the Ghana Chocolate uses milk chocolate and tropical fruit. Last but not least is the Costa Rican Chocolate, which incorporates flavors of caramel and coffee, as well as a hint of butterscotch.

Truly unlike any other ice cream we’ve experienced, Choctál sets the bar high for competitors. Uniquely rich and flavorful, both chocolate and vanilla ice creams will send your taste buds into overdrive and have you hankering for more. Click here to find out where you can purchase Choctál near you.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite brand of chocolate and vanilla ice creams? Will you check out Choctál? Discuss below!

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