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Infinity Jars: Keeping Your Kitchen Fresh



Any of you who read Manhattan with a Twist (thank you!) know that I sure love food. So when I do my grocery shopping only to have my food spoil in a few short days, I get pissed. Since I’ve been cooking at home a lot more lately, it’s become important for me to utilize everything I purchase so as not to waste anything. And the longer I can use them, the better. Infinity Jars is a retailer that provides high performance storage containers for everything from herbs and oils to tea and even cosmetics! Their containers range in size and purpose, but all of them are airtight and light optimized, meaning that they block out the visible light that degrades organic goods. This means the stuff you buy lasts longer!



We used Infinity Jars to store some of our favorites – chamomile tea, protein powder and maple syrup. We noticed the jars totally seal in all fragrance, making it a joy opening a jar each morning. We also loved their sleek black look. While we tested out Infinity Jars for our perishable foods, we think these will make great travel companions for valuable facial lotions, pills, or hair products you need to bring with you. Plus, the company guarantees that your items will be protected for over 6 months in these jars!


We only wish that they came in larger sizes so we could stock all our perishables inside.
Twisted Talk: How do you store your perishable food items? What containers do you use in the kitchen? Discuss below!

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