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Innovation in Activewear Brought to You by DanRoy


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There are those of us who just throw on any old comfortable outfit to get in a good workout, and there are those who like to wear clothes that show off their fashion sense. With Active Cashmere by DanRoy not only will you be showing off some serious sense of fashion, but the line will also keep you warm while running during those brisk mornings, as well as comfortable, due to cashmere’s natural qualities.

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You would think that wearing cashmere to workout will make you even hotter and damage the clothing with sweat and odor, but Active Cashmere is actually breathable! Not only that, but Active Cashmere is also water-resistant, eliminates absorption, and reduces dampness and the possibility of staining. I always have trouble with clothes shrinking over time, and the best thing about Active Cashmere is that the tight knit construction helps to maintain the shape and form, even when you wash and wear continuously. Sign me up! DanRoy provides the best quality of cashmere available right now, and is obviously providing consumers with a product that no other brand has come up with.

Founded by brothers Danny and Roy Hakimian, DanRoy has teamed up with the world’s largest Scottish cashmere mill: Todd & Duncan. Teaming up with such a big player in the cashmere industry, DanRoy has cemented its success, not only with their partner, but also with this ingenious idea. The debut collection of Active Cashmere by DanRoy includes staples like cardigans, hoodies, beanie hats, and crew necks, among many others. Active Cashmere is the perfect brand for those that lead a very active lifestyle.

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For more information on how you can get your hands on Active Cashmere by DanRoy, visit www.ActiveCashmere.com. You can now purchase from items from the debut collection. Items in the Active Cashmere collection range in price from $225- $1,250.

Twisted Talk: What do you think about wearing cashmere while being active? Is this a collection you will shop from? Discuss below!

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