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INTERSECT x LEXUS: An Homage to Innovation


aura using LIDAR

A new concept combining art and dining has emerged in a scintillating and sexy space in the Meatpacking District. With an entire floor dedicated to a month-long residency of art, as well as an entire floor devoted to another month-long residency of a renowned chef, Intersect x Lexus brings together the ideals of innovation and excellence in both art and hospitality. Lexus’ goal with this concept was to create a space dedicated to inspiring and educating attendees in major cities around the globe, preceding the New York iteration with Toyko and Dubai.

aura using thermal lamps

This month’s installation is called Essential Invisible by the artist FUTURE WIFE. Meant to reflect a person’s aura, Essential Invisible has two parts, each of which uses molecular cues from you, the visitor, to alter the appearance of the art. On one enormous wall you will find it covered with a rectangular screen. As you approach the screen, LIDAR technology is used via lasers, which is what powers autonomous vehicles and allows them to have temporary sense memories. The lasers can sense your physical form, and adjusts the imagery on the wall based on your proximity to the display.

intersect exterior

Along the other side of the room are three groups of three diamond-shaped screens, where each grouping displays a different pattern. These installations utilize infrared sensors to detect thermal energy (heat) to move the lights around and conform to a flowing, beautiful image.

I didn’t get the chance to dine in the gorgeous dining room helmed by Chef Gregory Marchand, but I did indulge in a delectable cocktail at the bar called a Fuyu Blossom, which was well crafted and the perfect pairing for an evening of art.

intersect video

The current residencies of Essential Invisible and Chef Marchand will end on March 5th, so be sure to check it out before then!

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