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Is New Movie Escape Room Worth A Watch?




There’s no better way to start the new year than by watching a good thriller (I rang in the New Year by watching a scary movie, I have an addiction). Escape Room, a new psychological thriller, brings together six strangers who must solve clues and puzzles or meet a much more sinister end than expected.

Escape rooms have become super popular in the past decade and this movie capitalizes on that, and raises the stakes. What would happen if you were trapped inside and solving the clues determined whether you would live or die? That’s what our six main characters are facing.

While Escape Room has drawn many comparisons to the Saw franchise, I’d categorize this movie as more of a thriller than a horror film. Plus, you won’t find gore in this movie (hooray!). But that doesn’t mean it’s not without its thrills and suspense. While the characters were a bit one-dimensional, you do wonder why they were chosen to participate in this life or death game. Once you find out what brings them all together, the movie becomes a little less exciting and reminded me of movies like The Invitation and Would You Rather, where the outcome becomes a bit obvious. However, Escape Room has a couple twists up its sleeves and all in all, was a fun and enjoyable movie to watch. It’s also set itself up for a sequel…what will happen next?!

It’s not going to win any Oscars, but would I recommend it? Yup.

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