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Italia Amare, Amare Italia: Italian Street Style


The Italian style this season is above par with all its citizens making huge leads in establishing the precedent of what a fashion forward country is. Their fashion tells a story of enchantment that lays behind the fine lines of each thread that binds their perfectly tailored clothes together and a decadence that holds longer than the cherry of a slowly melting sundae. Coordinating bright laser cut skirts that unravel right below the knee, overlaying even shorter skirts invading the very crevasse of where only a Brazilian wax specialist would feel comfortable, creates not just a trend for the masses but a self statement for the benefit of a trail-blazing pinpoint of the eastern hemisphere with amazing street style.

Italian Street StyleItalian Street Style


Ivory white and maxi dresses are terms and articles that the women are definitely not shy of,  wearing crop tops in all different shades of white and maxi dresses in varied colored from ruffled to straight polyester fabrics, even for the women with legs for days.

Italian Street StyleItalian Street Style

The men are just as passionate and rudimentary with their style-savvy portrayals of the modern day man in the streets of Portofino. The varied colors from bright pops and wild designs, to the quiet yet sophisticated monotone apparel, speaks to grander proportions than that of the men on Wall Street hailing taxi’s during rush hour. The men take a ripened approach to their fashion and how they coordinate their clothing taking every piece into careful consideration using opposing colors but well-balanced articles of clothing. Street style in Italy can do no wrong, when behind it all amare is all they have in mind.

Images via Tumblr, International Street Style, Men Style Power, and Dapper Lou

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