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It’s All About the Bride! Our Chat with Alexis Wolfer of TheBeautyBean



I adore weddings. How can you not —the dresses, the champagne, the flowers? In full disclosure, I’m a bit more giddy about weddings this year because I myself, am getting married this year! So are you getting married this spring? Next Spring? Or maybe you’re a bridesmaid in your BFF’s wedding? Yes, wedding season is fast approaching, but not to worry — beauty guru and author Alexis Wolfer brings you Radiant Bride.

Radiant Bride is the brainchild of Alexis Wolfer, who wanted women to have a bridal beauty book that took women from engagement to honeymoon. With chapters including DIY face masks and picking the perfect dress, Radiant Bride is a must have for all soon-to-be brides and bridesmaids.

Just who is Alexis Wolfer? She is a DIY expert and the mastermind behind, The Beauty Bean, a blog created as a space for women to get their beauty and lifestyle content in an empowering, positive way. She is also the author of The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best Kept secrets in Your Kitchen, a book dedicated to beauty DIY techniques. We caught up with Alexis to chat about wedding dresses, wedding stress and the inspiration behind her latest book.


What inspired you to write Radiant Bride?

The questions I’m asked the most by readers of TheBeautyBean start with “I’m getting married…” I think for most women, it’s their all-eyes-on-me moment to shine and they want to look and feel their best. I initially thought that there had to be a book I could recommend to readers with questions but when I realized that all the bridal books on the market were more focused on party planning than the bride I knew I wanted to write it myself. I also wanted to, like with TheBeautyBean, do so in an empowering, positive way – and, unfortunately, most bridal books/articles think skinny=beautiful, when it most definitely doesn’t!

When it comes to beauty, what are the most important things that’s brides often forget?
To relax! Stress is the biggest beauty-buster: from the breakouts it causes to the furrow lines in your brow, stress is the enemy of a Radiant Bride. Easier said than done, I know, but by following the plans in Radiant Bride you’ll ensure you look and feel your best, stress free!

Do you have some yummy vegan recipes for brides with lots vegan friends?
I’m obsessed with these vegan spiced carrot muffins (they’re gluten free too!). Recipe here.

Besides a great glass of wine, do you have pointers on how to deal with stress your future in-laws or out of town guests are causing you?
Remember that these people are there to celebrate you because they love you – they’re just not showing it in a way that works for you! – but reminding yourself that they’re not trying to stress you out usually helps frame your stress in a more manageable way. Then, figure out how to talk to them (or who can do it on your behalf!). The odds are that the LAST thing the people stressing your out want to do is cause you any additional angst. Also, deep breaths, meditation, and a great workout always help, too. And, if you can, outsource as much as possible, ideally on a party planner but, if not, on appointed friends/loved ones.

What are your favorite DIY bridesmaid gifts?
I’m a beauty gal, so I’m all about the homemade sugar scrub! I also think a framed picture of you two is great (for those less apt to really dive into a DIY project). On a non-DIY note, I love when brides pick up the tab for the bridesmaids’ dresses as their gift – it’s a really nice gesture when you’re requiring someone to wear a dress that they are highly unlikely to wear again.

Some brides hand their dresses down, but do you have any advice for brides who want to do other things with their dresses after their big day?
If you’re not going to save your dress, I’m a big fan of donating or selling your dress. But, if you want to get creative, plan a photoshoot after your big day where you’re not afraid to get dirty – walk on the seashore, lay on the grass, let your dog climb on you, etc… you won’t be stressed about getting it dirty and the pictures will be amazing!

Sometimes brides-to-be forget things. What are your go to resources for last minute planning?
Bring Radiant Bride with you and you won’t! I lay out exactly what you need to bring the day of and do and eat before the wedding so everything can go on without a hitch (or at least without anyone else knowing!).

What are some cute ideas for brides trying to achieve an eco-friendly wedding?
Stick with seasonal, local food and florals to reduce your carbon footprint. And get crafty with recyclables! Spray painted empty wine bottles make beautiful vases!

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