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It’s Cold Brew Coffee Season!

Cold brew coffee is a trend that is growing rapidly. During the spring and summer months, nothing is more refreshing than a nice cup of cold brew, am I right? Lottie Terzi, the founder of Brooklyn Diamond Coffee was determined to brew a cold brew coffee that she could enjoy that wasn’t like all the rest. Brooklyn Diamond Coffee was founded in May 2013 when Lottie was 21 and it has grown to three locations since!
It all started when Lottie decided that she would no longer stand for a watery cup of iced coffee with a bitter taste. Having searched all over Manhattan and unable to find the perfect cup of iced coffee, she decided to create her own blend. Immediately, Lottie went to work seeking out a diverse array of coffee beans that would help to create this perfect cup of coffee. After many taste tests, Brooklyn Diamond Coffee was born.

In the spring of 2013, door-to-door deliveries of cold brew coffee took off, leading then to the summer of 2013 (just two months after the company was created), during which Brooklyn Diamond was asked to open a summer pop up in the South Street Seaport, and the summer proceeds were donated to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Cold brew coffee has some health benefits too:

1. Coffee brewed hot is far more acidic than cold-brewed, according to a number of scientific studies, and some say cold-brewed coffee even has a sweeter taste because of its lower acidity.
2. Cold brewed coffee is lower in acid, which may make it less prone to causing heartburn. Studies done by Toddy, maker of a cold brewing system, show that cold brewed coffee is 67% less acidic than hot brewed coffee.
3. Cold brew coffee is also loaded with antioxidants.

This latest craze has even become a winter favorite for those who enjoy cold brew coffee year round. Like many white and rosé wines, cold brew doesn’t have to be seasonal. Lottie has a location in Brooklyn and now one on East 54th Street next to the Soul Cycle and Equinox. What’s better after a workout than a cold brew? We can’t think of anything, either… which is why you should go and grab yourself a cup or bottle of Brooklyn Diamond Coffee cold brew and enjoy the carefully crafted taste.
Twisted Talk: Do you enjoy cold brew coffee? What’s your go-to coffee spot in the city? Discuss below!

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