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It’s Time To Be Gifted


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Clothing is not just a fashion statement, but also an extension of your personality. Gifted Apparel NYC, the Brooklyn based clothing company, brings style and urban flare a twist that has appealed to people from New York to California to Vegas and Texas. Entering the industry with recognition by countless A-List celebrities, including Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Jason Derulo, Gifted Apparel follows the simple belief of being inspired, bold, oneself and being gifted.

“It turned into a positive urban and very chic style,” Kevin Bennett, owner of Gifted Apparel, said. “It lets people wear what they are feeling and get compliments, our phrases catch people’s attention instantly.”


Offering t-shirts, long sleeves and sweatshirts, the online based company launched with their iconic Viva La Brooklyn motto which has remained a top seller and favorite for many celebrities. One of thing that sets Gifted Apparel apart from other brands is that it delivers luxury style clothing without the high price. T-Shirts average around $25 and sweatshirts are around $50, which compared to department store lines is a lot more affordable for New Yorkers.

As time passed and people began to recognize the vibrant and trendy offerings, the designs on the clothing have evolved and give a generation a voice that has been missing on the runway. Some of the catchphrases include, Real Vs Fake, Protect Your Queen, and The New Legends. One of their latest phrases, Handsome Man Problems, is not only available for men, but for toddlers, too. Everyone can think of a little someone that would look adorable in this design and makes a great gift for the upcoming holiday season.

The clothing evokes a little humor, but doesn’t deviate to the founding belief of being bold and being yourself. “We come up with the phrases just by talking with the team through everyday interactions,” he said. “We see what is happening in music, television, politics and the world for design ideas.”

This is only the beginning for Gifted Apparel, Bennett and his team are working to launch a full line of clothing to showcase to fashionistas across the city and country.

TwistedTalk: Do you have any items from Gifted Apparel? What are some of your favorite designs? Discuss below!

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