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James Bond 007 Scents You Will Want This Season!


James Bond, who we all know and love from the 007 movies, and for making the Martini “shaken, not stirred” famous, has expanded to more than just fun action movies, beautiful women, and gorgeous cars. The James Bond 007 Fragrances for men are enticing, seductive, and are how any woman would want her man to smell! The bottles have these great twist tops, and are made of beautiful crystal in a variety of colors, depending on the scent.

James Bond

The black bottle, 007 Signature fragrance is very sexy for anytime of day, as it will wake you up in the morning, but also makes for a great going out, nighttime cologne. The scent is fresh and invigorating, but with a sharp musk that’s overpowering and powerfully seductive; perfect for the strong James Bond-like businessman.

James Bond

The blue bottle, Ocean Royale 007 scent is lighter, energizing, and perfect for daytime use. This one is fun, stylish, and great for the younger gentleman that wants something refreshing and energetic. This scent is still very sexy, strong, and masculine, but with a little bit more of a “oceanic” side, in that its light and fresh, and hits you like a nice sea breeze.

There are many more to the James Bond 007 collection, such as limited editions and special scents, but these two are so perfect for this season and even carrying into winter. Guys, you can absolutely wear these scents all year round, and will truly enjoy them!

Bottles can be purchased for 50mL EDT/$40 or 30mL EDT/$30 at Kohl’s or

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