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Japanese Inspired Mixology At Its Best



The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is a week of spirits, mixologists, and of course, cocktails! Consumers, press and trade all attend many events and learn the secrets to making some sensational cocktails, while sipping with other spirits lovers. One of the many events that took place was a Japanese Mixology event at Angel’s Share, a fun speakeasy bar that’s certainly hidden to the public eye, but for those who know how to enter, you can enjoy one-of-a-kind cocktails made by Shingo Gokan. Shingo has a signature way of making cocktails and his legendary “Shingo Shake” is what makes him so well known (that, and his amazing concoctions). This shake aerates, chills, and mixes the cocktail in a two-part shaker perfectly.

japanese-mixology-mcc  ao-wind  wasabi-cocktail

Also whipping up some amazing cocktails was Manabu Ohtake, the Beverage Director of The Royal Bar Palace in Tokyo. Here Manabu made amazing cocktails using AO Vodka (which is distilled using Japanese rice, but is surprisingly not available in Japan). We started with his Takamori, which was served in a wooden box and was very martini-like. The AO Wind was a sweeter cocktail made with yuzu and was absolutely delicious. A crowd favorite for those who like some slight spice was the Wasabi Caipiroska, which was sweet, spicy, and refreshing with a lot of lime!

japanese-mixology-mcc                                                      japanese-mixology-mcc

Shingo also made sure to wow us with his creations using AO Vodka, as well. His Sweet Lorraine was made with tomato water, lemon, and basil, and had a fun, salty rim. The AO Mule was fun, refreshing, and had the perfect amount of ginger. His third cocktail, the Zen was made with Matcha, Wasanbon Sugar, and a Kinako Rim (which you can get at Japanese grocery stores).

AO Vodka is a smooth, sensational spirit that adds the perfect touch to your cocktails. This not so ordinary vodka makes for some extraordinary cocktails!

Twisted Talk: Have you tried AO Vodka? Will you head to Angel’s Share to check out the Shingo Shake? Discuss below!

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