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Join a Virtual Private Cocktail Society with the “Hooch” App


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A few days ago, I learned about an app that I could hardly believe really exists. That may sound slightly dramatic, but after hearing (reading) about everything this particular application is capable of, you will mostly likely share a similar overzealous reaction.

Hooch,” a $9.99 per month or $99 per year subscription app, is a phone application that buys you one drink a day at different New York City bars, restaurants, and venues. Yes, you are reading that correctly. This app allows your phone to literally buy you your first round. I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking: who even needs a date anymore?!

Easy-to-use, fun, and exciting, Hooch is partnered with over thirty locations within Manhattan. All you have to do is enter in your address, or wherever you happen to be, and it will give you a list of spots where you are able to get a free drink. Not only will you have a round paid for, but you will probably end up discovering all sorts of awesome bars and restaurants you never would have found before.

You can download Hooch on an Iphone or an Android, and buy either a monthly subscription or a yearly one. It gives you a drink per day, so that’s about thirty free drinks for the entire month. Thirty drinks for $9.99? Sounds pretty amazing, I know. But if you’re unsure still, the app itself is completely free to download, so you can look around and check it all out before deciding on paying for the subscription. And once you decide to purchase, there is no waiting around for it to be ready. You can activate it and grab a free drink immediately. You can’t get more than one free drink a day, but if there is a particular spot you absolutely love, you are able to go back every day, if you so choose. I would probably recommend trying something new each day, though!

This application is certainly a game-changer for those of us who like to enjoy Happy Hour as much as we can. In the words of the app’s founders: “Exercise your liver without losing weight in your wallet.”

Twisted Talk: Where do you frequent for happy hour in the city? How do you discover new cocktails? Discuss below!

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