Bottoms Up — November 9, 2016 at 12:20 pm

Just Chill: The World’s First Calming Drink



It’s time to chill out! Just Chill, a new beverage, is the world’s first calming drink that is specially designed to help reduce stress and improve focus. The tasty bev utilizes a unique amino acid called SunTheanine (a form of L-theanine, found in green tea), which is the only clinically studied and patented form of L-theanine available. The supplement has been shown to enhance cognitive function by reducing stress and increasing focus without causing any drowsiness. One can of Just Chill has 15 times the amount of L-theanine found in one cup of green tea.


Not only does this drink contain SunTheanine, but it also has Vitamin B, which helps to regulate the nervous system and improve mood, Vitamin C, which promotes a healthy response to stress, magnesium, which helps to relax the nervous system and relieve tension, and zinc, which strengthens the immune system. Down side? We don’t see one.

Just Chill is similar to a fruity soda in taste, with flavors like Zero Ginger, Tropical, Rio-Berry, and Jamaican Citrus. (Our favorites are tropical and rio-berry.) They are pretty heavy on the sweeteners, but if you’re looking for an extra boost in work (see ya, adderall) or something to calm you down, this is the can to grab.

Twisted Talk: How do you calm down when you’re stressed? Do you find it hard to focus at work? Discuss below!

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