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Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean with Frosch



There is Spring cleaning and then there is general cleaning. The summer is over and with winter upon us, it’s that time of the year to start cleaning the house from top to bottom. There is also a tradition with some people to thoroughly clean their house before the New Year starts, because it signifies new beginnings and luck. So if you are reaching for your cleaning products, stop right there and check out Frosch.

Usually, I use the regular old cleaning products that you find at your local supermarket or drug store; so it is no surprise that I have never heard of Frosch. Frosch is a line of German all-natural cleaning products and they have now become available in the United States. While I try my best to be as eco-friendly as possible, I do not use all-natural cleaning products. But after trying Frosch, this is going to change. Frosch is tough on dirt and stains but not on the environment.

I had a chance to try the Baking Soda All Purpose Cleaner and it is a powerful cleaning tool that you can use for your bathroom, kitchen, or any other area that are in need of a deep scrub. Unlike other cleaners, this all-purpose cleaner has a fresh scent that is not toxic. The Lemon Cream Cleaner is by far my favorite product. I used it on my bathroom tiles and kitchen counters. The formula has a subtle citrus smell and is gentle on your hands. What I noticed about this cleaner is that when you use it on ceramic tiles or stainless steel surfaces, it leaves a shiny and clean surface with no residue left behind. While I only used two of the products from the line, I have to say that I was overly impressed with the quality and the result of the cleaners.

Frosch is now distributed by Ezzi Imports in the U.S. and their products are reasonably priced. For more information on Frosch and the other products that they provide, make sure to visit their website at  Once at the website, you will have a chance to purchase cleaning products for your home like the all-purpose cleaners, dish soap, and floor cleaners, among many others.

Twisted Talk: Do you use all-natural cleaning products? If so, which ones? Would you use the all-natural cleaning products from Frosch? Discuss below!

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