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LeJay’s Creme de Cassis Parisian Brunch



Every year New Yorkers come together for what is known as the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. The Classic is an annual celebration of the myriad of points of intersection between cocktails and culture. Nearly one hundred events take place, spread across five days and four boroughs, and a two-day trade conference to boot. Last Saturday, LeJay Creme de Cassis, along side The New York Distilling Company hosted a Parisian-themed brunch.

Upon arrival at the New York Distilling Company guests were offered speciality drinks by master mixologists while we participated in a meet and greet. We were then escorted to the main room where we got to experience a variety of cocktails — one made with vodka, orange juice and LeJay Creme de Cassis and the other champagne and Creme Cassis. My favorite was the champagne cocktail, and what’s brunch without a little bubbly? Made with the perfect blend of Black Down and Noir de Bourgonge, both varieties of black currant, LeJay Creme de Cassis is a perfect liqueur for any occasion.

ny-distilling-co                                                  lejay

Guests were then escorted to two food trucks where we were able to to indulge in Parisian crepes, meats and frites. I tried two different kinds of crepes. My favorite was the Norwegian, made with smoked salmon, tomatoes and basil. It was the perfect Parisian afternoon with LeJay Creme de Cassis champagne cocktails, Parisian music, crepes and friends.

Twisted Talk: Did you check out any events during this year’s Cocktail Classic? Have you ever tried Creme de Cassis? Discuss below!

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