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Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Put Under the Tree


Still searching for that perfect gift or stocking stuffer?? Someone’s on the naughty list! Christmas is right around the corner, so if you’re still frantically looking for gifts for your loved ones, you better stop right now and start shopping our gift guide.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Or a thousand memories! Digital photo frames are nothing new but Aura Frames takes their game to the next level. We fell in love with their Modern Stardust Frame (on sale now for $249, originally $299), which not only looks high quality, but has amazing features, as well. It displays high-resolution photos on its LCD screen and has sensor technology that can detect and adjust the frame lighting and will turn off when it’s dark. It has facial and pet rkecognition so it can create photo collections and comes with smart selection updates, which adds photos to your frame as you take them. There are so many amazing features to this frame we can’t even list them all here, but perfect for the holidays, you can pre-sync the frame for the recipient without even removing it from the box. (Oh and did we mention, no pesky SIM card required!


You know all those old t-shirts and sentimental clothes you have but don’t wear anymore? There’s finally a fun solution to keeping them but making them useful! The Memory Bear Gift Kit (on sale now for $98, usually $120) by The Patchwork Bear makes for such a thoughtful gift. The recipient sends in their clothes in the included mailing bag and the company personalized your teddy bear in 3-4 weeks, using those old clothes.
Need a new late night game to play with friends? Fake News ($20) is here to help! This fun and funny game asks players to come up with believable and unbelievable news headlines and guess which ones are real and fake. Brought to you by the same people as Cards Against Humanity, you know it’ll be a good time.
If there are any children in your family, you have to snag them a gift from Portable North Pole. They have so many great gifts, it’s hard to choose which one to get! The Santa Letter Kit ($12.99) allows the child to write a letter to Santa, and best of all, they will receive a personalized video response from Santa himself! We also love Karamelli Santa’s Sweetest Baby Reindeer Plush ($12.99), which is a cute reindeer stuffed animal that helps teach children about courage, responsibility and fun. It also includes a free personalized video from Santa.

Personalized gifts are always so meaningful. Jewelry company Pieces of Me ($18.99+) makes it easy to find that perfect piece of jewelry for your loved ones. You can take an online quiz to find out the personality traits of the recipient of your gift and then shop cuffs and necklaces that represent those traits.


Easy to add into the stocking last minute, Olay Mists are the perfect spritz for any beauty lover. The Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing with Vitamin C & Bergamot ($9.99) is a great gift for anyone, especially a frequent traveler. The facial mist hydrates, brighten and revitalize the skin.

Dress for Cocktails bow earrings

Need something to spice up your New Year’s Eve outfit? We are absolutely obsessing over these Dress for Cocktails Bow Earrings ($58) to add some sparkle and femininity to any outfit. If pink isn’t your color, don’t worry, they also come in emerald, black, white, navy and turquoise!



Know someone who’s expecting? The Kindness Advantage ($10.54) is a practical guide for parents to help equip your children with the proper skills to have a positive influence on the world. Written by Dale Atkins, PhD, and Amanda Salzhauer MSW, this book helps to guide you to raising connected and compassionate children.


The combination of sweet and spicy really hits the mark, especially when Little Bird Kitchen is behind the eats. They sell everything from candied jalapeño chocolate to powders and syrups. If you add their Hot & Sweet Nuts ($3.99) or Fire Bites ($4.99) to a loved ones stocking, they won’t be disappointed! The former is comprised of delicious and addicting candied jalapeño peanuts, while the latter contains candied jalapeño dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate bites.


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