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Learn Whatt’s Up with Friends with Whatt App



One of the newest apps for the iPhone is an app called Whatt (not to be confused with Whatsapp) from Whatt, Inc. It can best be described as a mix of Facebook status updates and the Twitter newsfeed, but more specified and with more benefits. It is an app specifically made for just sharing status updates, thoughts, and feelings with your close friends and family.
When you first download the app, you have the option of signing in with either your Facebook account or your Twitter account, making it easy and hassle-free to sync all of your information and contacts from the start. You then can either choose to find friends who have the Whatt app through your contacts, or invite friends who don’t have the app yet to join.

Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to start posting! You can write anything you feel like, including random thoughts, questions, or concerns. It’s a way to tell your friends what’s up with you, basically. There is no word limit, so no worries about cutting a thought down to 140 characters. Also, after you have written something, you have the choice to swipe left and right to change the color and up and down to change the font.
After you have posted something, you can look at who has viewed it, who has liked it, and who has commented on it. You are also able to see all of your friends’ posts in your news feed, and are allowed the freedom to comment on them or like them, as well. All of the posts you like are part of a column on your home profile page.whatt-app-1
The Whatt app is a great way to keep your close friends up to speed on what’s going on with you, without anything else in the newsfeed getting in the way. It allows the user an endless amount of freedom and creativity with their posts, and is incredibly easy to use. It’s one more way to make sure you stay in touch with the important people in your life.

WHATT – Status Updates for Friends from WHATT on Vimeo.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite iPhone app? Will you be downloading Whatt? Discuss below!

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