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Lockets of Love


Lockets are coming back in style and just in time for Valentine’s Day! Nothing is quite as romantic as always having a personal memento of your loved one with you at all times. We have four completely unique lockets from different companies that are sure to knock the socks of your significant other this holiday season!


With You creates customized photos which are printed and place inside each of their unique lockets. The cleverly named company supplies a range of modern vintage lockets that will aid you in keeping your loved one with you at all times. Not only does With You have customary necklace lockets, but they also carry bracelets, bouquet pins, rings and keychains. We particularly like The Georgie Ring ($329), finished exquisitely with diamond pave filigree.


A mix between a locket and a message in a bottle, MAS Bisjoux’s Volte Pendant Necklace ($1,100) gives shoppers a unique and fashionable take on the traditional locket. In addition to locking away a photo of a loved one, wearers can store notes, secrets, or whatever they desire in this gorgeous pendant. Additionally, each piece can be personalized with engraving or upgraded to gold or rose gold.


Touted as being worn by stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Ripa, Origami Owl allows customers to create their own ‘living lockets,’ which can be filled with romantic charms of your choosing. Bracelets, necklaces and keychains are just some of the many things you can create. We particularly loved their necklace The Classic Beauty ($71), which has a silver heart link chain and living locket with rose stardust Swarovski crystals and filled with a message in a bottle and love charms.


This truly one of a kind company, Dirty Librarian Chains, repurposes vintage jewelry into new, stunning pieces. Their Book Locket Charm Necklace ($145) is comprised of a mixed metal chain (using at least 12 different vintage necklaces) with a book locket that contains a packet of wildflower seeds for the recipient to plant come Spring. Once the seeds have been sprinkled, the locket is yours to hide away whatever you want inside!

Twisted Talk: What do you think of these unique lockets? Do you want to give or get a locket for Valentine’s Day? Which is your favorite? Discuss below!

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