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Lyfebulb Shines a Light on Chronic Illnesses



Living with a chronic illness is difficult. From good days to bad days monitoring symptoms can be stressful, but confiding with others going through the same journey can make things a lot better. Lyfebulb, founded by Dr. Karin Hehenberger, is an organization that strives to achieve the best lifestyle for people living with chronic health issues.

Throughout the year, Lyfebulb hosts monthly meetings that spotlight innovations on different illnesses. From Celiac Disease to diabetes, it allows members to talk about their conditions and invites special guest speakers to highlight useful ideas for patients. The latest installment of the Lyfebulb Social Club was at famous Midtown French Vietnamese hotspot Le Colonial and focused on diabetes and a new app that will change the way people monitor their blood sugar levels.

Whether people have children with diabetes or are adults suffering from the disease, the effects are a constant concern and need to be monitored. ShugaTrak is a new app that automatically gets blood glucose readings from glucose meters and sends them out in text messages and emails to the people you designate.

“For parents that have children with diabetes, it will give them the ease to know if their child is okay,” John Fitzpatrick, Founder of ShugaTrak, said. People can have notifications sent to their doctor and anyone else that is an emergency contact.

Using ShugaTrak is simple and easy to use for anyone, you just need to plug the monitor to the glucose meter and the app uses a Bluetooth adapter to send messages. Once people check their blood, all they have to do is press the button on the adapter and the notification is already sent.

“Lyfebulb Social Club brings together patients to share their experiences, and provides us opportunities to introduce them to the latest technology that can help them lead better lives,” said Dr. Karin Hehenberger, Founder of Lyfebulb. “We were thrilled to feature the innovative ShugaTrak mobile app during the event to give our members a first glimpse at the technology that helps individuals either manage their own diabetes, or help monitor someone close to you.”


As people suffer from chronic illnesses, Lyfebulb has discovered a bright side for people as they openly discuss their trials and tribulations. Not only is it an open forum, but the organization also aims to promote change within society to better accommodate people with these illnesses. Dr. Hehenberger hopes through the monthly meetings it can bring awareness to restaurants and how they can help everyone. To find out more information about Lyfebulb and their Social Club visit their website.

Twisted Talk:Do you know someone with a chronic illness? Will you tell them to join Lyfebulb? Discuss below!

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