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Make Sure to Check Out This International Steak House



Tudor City might not be known as a hopping location to spend a night out, but now its residents have something to look forward to, and other city dwellers have a reason to head there. Tudor City Steakhouse is a next generation steakhouse that popped up this past Fall. Making it stand apart from other city steakhouses is its ode to its location across the street from the U.N. Taking inspiration from the conglomeration of all ethnicities across the street, Tudor City Steak House seeks to incorporate international flair into its menu.

Instantly charming, the restaurant is housed in a late 1920s enclave, that boasts two floors, outdoor dining and wooden panels, along with beautiful live wall panels and custom art accents.




We tried to sample as much as we were able to during our evening here. We started with Yellow Corn Venezuelan Tamale, which was a perfect dish for a cold night and surprisingly delicious. Packed with a roasted vegetable ratatouille, this flavorful little dish set our expectations high for the rest of the evening. We also opted to start off with one of their many ceviches, and we’re glad we did. The Shrimp Ceviche was unlike any I’ve had in the past. Beautifully presented, and topped with avocado and plantain chips, this ceviche was full of flavor and not too acidic.




Naturally, it’s bad form to go to a steakhouse without trying the steak, so we ordered the Rib-Eye, along with Grilled Salmon and a side of Truffle Cream Corn. The bone-in steak was cut and served tableside, nice and hot, full of buttery flavor, and cooked to perfection. The grilled salmon was a nice, lighter dinner option, and gave us our own version of surf and turf for the night. We are very happy to have order the side of corn — it was outstanding! The tough thing about this restaurant is that there’s so much to choose from it requires a return trip. Diners can also choose from an array of burgers, sushi, salads, chicken dishes and even pastas. Good thing I live nearby!




To cap off the evening, we divulged in two of their featured desserts — the Chocolate Cigar and the Chocolate Cremeux. As you can tell, the chocolate craving was real that night. The former was one of the cutest desserts I’ve seen, comprised of almond chocolate cake, semi-sweet chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream. Plus, it even came with sugar matches to “light it up.” The latter was a bit lighter than the cigar, with peanut butter chocolate mousse, candied salted peanuts, mandarin sauce and chocolate cake. Both satisfied our sweet tooth and left our tummies bulging.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite steakhouse in the city? Have you tried Tudor City Steak House yet? Discuss below!


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