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Mamo: A Taste of the Riviera in Soho



Dock your yacht on West Broadway and step into the dulcet tones of Mamo’s soothing white washed walls and crown molding accents. An Italian restaurant with Provencal overtones, owner Mike Mammoliti has commissioned Chef Massimo Sola, the former executive chef at Eataly in Rome, as well as the one Michelin starred restaurant Ristorante Quattri Mori. Buzz around Mamo, which opened in May of 2015, stems from the celebrity hot spot Mamo de Michelangelo in Antibes. What the Soho location lacks in waterfront property it more than makes up for in ambiance, which is so much of the appeal of an environment that conjures the aire of vacation.

Keeping pace with its Cannes Hollywood guest list, the Soho location boasts such celebrity patrons as Jay-Z and Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna.

After ordering a fantastic bottle of  Bordeaux that came highly recommended by our upbeat, attentive server, we turned our attention to the lengthy menu.  With so many delicious aromas pervading the air, it was challenging to narrow our order down to just a few items.

Here’s what we ate:

mamo salad

In the hot, humid summer New York weather, nothing is more refreshing then a simple, well dressed salad, and the Julius salad was the perfect solution. Crisp, fresh arugula massaged with a blend of lemon juice and olive oil and garnished with slabs of Parmesan cheese and blistered grape tomatoes.

mamo penne

Penne all’astice

The lobster penne vodka is creamy and delicious, with generous hunks of lobster and enough basil to cut through that lobster tang, this is a must.

mamo lamb chops

Lamb Chops

While the presentation of this dish leaves a lot to be desired, the results were absolutely satisfying.  Fatty but not too fatty, and just enough lollipops to qualify as a main dish, this scottadito was our favorite dish of the night.


More cream than ladyfingers, this dish mollifies your craving for cinnamon and Nilla Wafers but doesn’t quite hold up to the great Italian American bakeries on Mulberry Street.

If you’re looking to rub shoulders with the city’s upper crust, or simply enjoy a lovely Italian meal in a magnificent dining room, saunter into Mamo for a taste of the Riviera in Soho.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever dined at Mamo before? Do you think it’s as good as its Riviera counterpart? Discuss below!

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