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Masala Bhangra: Making Fitness Fun

Masala Bhangra

Masala Bhangra

Need to spice up your fitness routine? Sarina Jain has the solution. The fitness trainer and entrepreneur is commonly referred to as the ‘Jane Fonda of India’ and is the first to bring Indian dance into the fitness industry. Masala Bhangra is a total body dance workout that Jain introduced to masses around the globe. The program, which infuses Bhangra and Bollywood styles of dance, is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels, making it a great way to sweat it out and get in shape.

We were able to join Jain for a class at the Alvin Ailey Dance Studio (check to see where they have classes in your area), where we got a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Jain’s energy and enthusiasm is palpable in each class, and rubs off on attendees, ensuring your energy matches the fast, fun beats of the Indian music blasting in the background. The choreography was fun to learn, and a fun change of pace from your typical  dance or cardio classes.


And for any expecting mothers looking to stay in shape, Jain recently added her first ever Bollywood Baby workout to her portfolio, along with a HIIT workout that also incorporated Bhangra called Transformation.


We loved the change of pace from typical dance fitness classes at Masala Bhangra, with unique, upbeat music and new and exciting dance moves that really make you sweat. All I wanted afterwards was a big glass of water, a seat, and a hearty lunch.

Twisted Talk: What do you do for cardio? What’s your favorite type of workout? Discuss below! 

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