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Masculine Chic: Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion



Written by Sandra Rose Salathe

Men Summer Fashion

It’s no secret that us woman spend a sufficient amount of time obsessing over what to wear. With the weather heating up, (thanks to the start of summer), that obsession transforms into a full on state of mania. But what a lot of us woman fail to realize is that men have just as much of a hard time choosing what to wear as we do. While we’re too busy choosing which Louboutin’s to pair with our perfectly chic ensemble, our beaus, husbands and male friends are fighting an ongoing battle with their suits and ties. Luckily for all the male fashion fanatics out there, there’s no need to keep having a continuous conflict with your wardrobe, especially when the weather hearts up. As long as you understand the general guidelines when it comes to dressing handsomely for the fabulous season of summer, then it should be particularly easy to dress for utter success.

Fabrics- Since men don’t have the luxury of showing a vast amount of skin when the weather reaches a startling boiling point, they have to resort to other tactics. That specific method comes in the form of fabrics. Cotton and rayon are perfect for summer and keep the body from sweating too much. Choose a light blazer constructed from rayon and pair it over a simple tee, checkered Bermuda shorts and loafers for an all-out preppy feel.
Color- Whether you’re a male or female, color is an extremely important factor to consider when getting dressed. For winter, the color scheme is usually darker, but for summer, it’s the complete opposite. Stick to light colors such as white, beige and nude. Pair a white, button-down shirt with beige khakis, a handsome belt, loafers and a fetching fedora for an effortless/cool look.
Fit- Even though men would rather reside in their sweats for the majority of their life, it’s not exactly the chicest form of clothing. The last thing a guy wants to feel is constricted when it comes to his clothing. Fortunately, there’s an alternative for those comfort devotees who value an open silhouette with an extensive amount of flexibility. Try a loose, checkered button-down shirt with white pants, leather belt and loafers for a casual approach.
Simplicity- When it comes to how a man should dress, I’ve always been a fan of minimalism. A white tee and dark-washed jeans are universally flattering for every man. Specifically now that summer has started, piling on a vast amount of accessories can be a bit overwhelming. If you would like to play up the simplistic style, go with a light scarf, some beaded bracelets, masculine belt, or a fedora.
Just remember that summer is usually the time for easy, effortless style and what better way to honor that than with marginal accessories and an all-out no-fuss vibe.

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