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Matchmaker, Make Him a Match


In the small town of Whitford, Maine, everyone knows each other’s business. Except for the mysterious Max Crawford, the titular character in Shannon Stacey’s Falling for Max. Max doesn’t like change, but he is about to make the biggest change of his life.

While reading, I couldn’t help but compare Max to Criminal Minds’ adorable resident genius, Dr. Spencer Reid. Like Reid, Max is a geeky, caring and often misunderstood good guy whose profound social awkwardness and literal interpretation of conversation makes it difficult for him to fit in. Max also works from home, which enables his lack of social interaction, as he very seldom goes into town. No one in Whitford knows what Max does for a living, alone in his locked and guarded basement. Rumor is he may be a serial killer.

Upon reaching his mid-thirties, Max reflects on what he is truly missing in his life: companionship. Sure, he has his Sunday football buddies, but what he really wants is someone to start a life with and who will love him, quirks and all. Charming, funny, kind, and handsome, he would be a perfect catch if people could look past his “odd duck” personality.

“I like to play Bingo.”

He didn’t even hesitate. “That’s wonderful.  How many cats do you have?” (103)

Max meets the outgoing Tori during a rare trip to the town diner, where she works part-time as a waitress. They quickly develop a strong friendship and because she likes a challenge, Tori takes on Max’s case. To help him find the perfect girl, she designs a plan to boost his confidence and plays to his strengths. It is an easy and fun-to-watch success, but did it work too well?

There is a subtle, hidden message in Falling for Max that applies to everyone: be yourself. Tori doesn’t try to change Max. She encourages him to embrace himself and not to settle for someone who does not love all of him. Max is also pretty adamant about being honest, even if that means not being popular. Luckily for him, being himself transforms him from the town recluse to town sweetheart.

Now if you really are a serial killer, that’s another story.

Twisted Talk:  Would you change yourself for someone? Will you read Falling for Max?  Discuss below!

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