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Meet Addison Holley, Emmy Nominated Actress from Amazon’s “Annedroids”



The life of a child actor can’t be easy. I mean, the life of an actor as an adult is not easy at all. Imagine having to go through the growing pains of adolescence while all eyes are on you; it must be terrifying. Yet, these child actors create magic for themselves and us when they go on screen. There’s this beauty about their innocence not letting any negativity or life baggage get in their way of their fun. And that fun can be contagious, euphoric even. This is the reason so many kids are glued to TVs, they can sense the real joy coming from them. Rarely you see this on an adult, or at least not in the same way. It makes me wonder about the adults. Not why they don’t have it, that’s obvious, but when do we lose it? Or more importantly. do we lose it or just let it rest? So when an opportunity presented itself to interview an Emmy nominated child actor, I was happy.

Meet Addison Holley. She’s the star of Amazon’s Annedroids,” a show that tells the story of Anne, an extremely smart 11-year-old scientist and her eclectic group of friends. They spend episode after episode finding ways of keeping Anne’s androids and science experiments hidden. This charming, young Canadian actress has gotten into our homes and nabbed a nice Emmy nomination for herself. So without further ado, you can read what she what to say below. The interview below shows the extremely smart part is not just part of the show. Enjoy.


  1. How does it feel to have an Emmy nomination at such a young age?

Incredible, flattering, exciting, and motivating to pursue my passion in this industry.

  1. Tell us about “Annedroids” and how much do you relate to the character?

Annedroids is a children’s series filled with lessons on life and science and a bunch of fun hanging around some pretty cool androids and robots. Underneath all of Anne’s brilliance (my character) is a girl that cares a lot about others and how they feel, which I believe about myself.

  1. Which of the androids is your favorite one? Any science experiments you would like to do in real life?

It’s really tough to pick one because they all can do such amazing things, and have very important roles in my life. However, Pal is always so full of wonder and excitement over learning about things that there is never a dull moment.

  1. You started as a dancer, how was the transition? Do you still dance?

Dancing definitely led me to acting. As much as I loved the training, it was hitting the stage for the first recital that the bug bit me. Next was musical theatre, which led to an agent. I still train and compete in dance and would love to continue indefinitely.

  1. Tell me about your experience on the show. How has it inspired you?

Filming a series is a huge time commitment, which I happen to love, but it’s such a bonus when you get to make special friends that you will have forever. It’s a bond that is built through endless experiences that we shared over filming. It inspires me to keep in touch and be grateful for this opportunity.unnamed (1)

  1. What would you like the audience to take away from the show when they see it?

We have been so fortunate to already have a huge impact on young girls wanting to become scientists, and of course, boys, as well. In 2014, Common Sense Media named Anne one of their best TV Role Models, now that’s pretty cool!!

  1. What’s next for this talented actress?

I will continue to work on some animated series where I voice characters on (PJ Masks, Wishenpoof!, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, and Little Charmers), as well as audition for on-camera film/television.

  1. Who would you love to work in the future?

It would be a dream to play Julia Robert’s daughter! Now that would be incredible!!

Twisted Talk: Have you seen “Annedroids” yet? Who are some of your favorite TV role models? Discuss below!

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