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Mel’s Burger Bar: Beer, Grub and Happiness


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If, like every other New Yorker, you don’t feel like waiting in line at Black Tap just to Instagram a milkshake, we suggest heading to Mel’s Burger Bar on the Upper East Side (there’s also a second location on the Upper West). More options and more fun, this burger locale was made for lax bros but entices all. It’s casual and down to earth, much like their menu, which has over 18 different burgers to choose from (mac ‘n cheese burger included) and over 50 beers.



Like any good neighborhood joint, Mel’s has an array of tasty grub for you and your friends to get your hands on. From the shareable appetizers like loaded nachos and buffalo wings, to the mac n cheese ballz (the best I’ve ever had), and even the ‘Wall of Fries,’ which boasts nine different French fry options, this place is certainly one to come hungry to. And that’s before we even make our way to the main event — the burgers. With fun names like the Dirty Hipster, Hot Mess and Widowmaker, and even funner ingredients — the Dirty Hipster is topped with spinach dip, jack cheese and onion rings, and the Widowmaker is topped with mac ‘n cheese and bacon — this is a place you’ll come to over and over again. They also serve an array of sandwiches and salads, but like, who cares?



Now when it comes to drinking here, you’re gunna want the full scoop. As we mentioned, Mel’s serves over 50 beers and thus, they have developed an elite club of drinkers known as Mel’s Brew Crew. In order to become a member, you must purchase and consume every beer on the list (not all at once please), and upon completion you will have a beer baptism (yes, you will get dunked in beer). After your very official induction, you’ll have your name on a plaque (go you!) and you will receive numerous special perks, including larger 20 oz. beers, 4 free ounces with each purchase, invitation to special beer dinners and brewery events, access to the vault, and you can play on Mel’s softball team (you know, to work off all the beer cals).


So whether you fancy a challenge, or just want to indulge in some mountainous burgers, Mel’s Burger Bar is a fun place to do both. It’s definitely our new Sunday Funday spot.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite burger spot in the city? Have you dined at Mel’s before? Discuss below!


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