The Twisted Library — May 3, 2016 at 11:30 am

Mixing Cocktails with Pleasure



Written by Gregory St. Clair, a Certified Mixologist & Beverage Consultant with over 15 years of high-level leadership in the hospitality industry, Sex and Drinks sizzles and titillates. The 85-page, fictional e-book consists of photos and recipes of yummy cocktails and the erotic sexual encounters of sexy characters.


St. Clair pairs specialty cocktails with tales of passionate sexual acts between partners, coworkers, strangers and party-goers. Friends — a cocktail created with coconut rum, citrus vodka, real pineapple and honey — was the sweet and sour artisan cocktail paired with a story of three friends deciding to engage in a threesome.  

Red wine, brandy and orange liqueur make Deceit, a the spicy wine cocktail St. Clair highlights with the story of Greg and Angela. Greg suspects Angela of stepping out on their marriage and engages in a tryst of his own.

With characters joining the mile-high club, role-playing with their partners and BDSM play, St. Clair leaves no fantasy untouched. Drink and play responsibly.

Twisted Talk: Do you make a lot of cocktails at home? Have you read erotic fiction before? Discuss below!

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