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Molly’s Suds is Your Secret Weapon to Bright & Clean Clothes



There are those that hate doing their laundry and then there are those like me, that actually enjoy when laundry day rolls around. In my opinion, laundry day constitutes one of the easiest chores to do where you have the opportunity to have some time to yourself and reflect. The one thing that makes it even better? Finding that one product that leaves your clothes looking and feeling brand new. The stress of finding a detergent that will actually clean your clothes is hard, because there are a lot of mainstream detergents in competition with each other. But are these detergents even that good?

In steps Molly’s Suds. Established in 2008, Molly’s Suds is a brand that provides consumers with eco-friendly and non-toxic laundry detergent. I am all for finding new products that are eco-friendly and I’m happy that Molly’s Suds delivers. A big plus is the fact that Molly’s Suds is great for people that have allergies or sensitive skin, like my little sister.

The founder of Molly’s Suds, Monica Leonard, created this brand after her daughter Molly was born in 2005 and never took a breath. This led her on a crusade to create a product that is working on making a change in the world, because disturbingly enough, there are hundreds upon hundreds of toxins in products like laundry detergent that are harmful to us. It makes you look at the products that you use to clean your clothes a little differently. Especially when you have to wear these clothes on your body after day after day, the fact that these toxins come in contact with your skin is something that is very scary.mollyssuds

I wanted to experiment and see if there was a difference between my current laundry detergent and Molly’s Suds. I had a chance to use Molly’s Suds Powder Laundry Detergent. I washed one load with Molly’s Suds and the other load was washed with my regular laundry detergent. I didn’t even have to wait to dry the clothes to notice a difference between both clothes. The load that was washed with Molly’s Suds was not only soft to the touch, but some of my jeans looked less dull. This made me really happy because if the clothes looked that different after being in the washing machine, they would probably look better once they were dry.

There are two main reasons why I liked Molly’s Suds at that moment and have become a newfound fan: it is eco-friendly, and it leaves your clothes feeling like new. There is nothing better than the first day of wearing a new shirt or a pair of jeans, and Molly’s Suds almost reaches that goal with the quality of the detergent and the results when it comes to the clothes.

You can now find Molly’s Suds at stores like Amazon, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond among many other stores. For more information on Molly’s Suds and to be kept updated with new products that may be launching in the future, make sure to visit their website.

Twisted Talk: What Laundry Detergent do you regularly use? Have you heard of Molly’s Suds before? If not, will you seek Molly’s Suds out and try it for yourself?

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