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My Personal Fitness Journey at Structure Personal Fitness: Part II


Structure Personal Fitness

As you know, I’ve been getting my fitness back on track with personal training sessions at Structure Personal Fitness. If you missed my recap of month one, check it out here. My second month at Structure brought even more achievements. Not only have I lost more weight (and a jean size!), but I’ve also felt myself become even stronger and enjoy when I move up to heavier weights (well, kind of…). During my second month training at Structure, I explored much more of the services they have to offer. In addition to my regular training sessions, I also tried out some of their free classes. Though it’s not my forte, I attended a Friday morning yoga class, which took place after my regular training. Since I am not a yoga person, I found it difficult to maintain some of the poses and found myself really working up a sweat. However, it was relaxing and a great way to begin my day. Yoga classes take place every Friday at 11am. Additionally, I tried one of their workshops one Saturday last month, focusing on spot toning, specific training for women. This class, Strong Curves, targeted glutes, thighs, core, and arms. It was a brutal class, but completely worth it. It also allowed us members to bond with one another, another reason why Structure is so great. Because of their small group training method, you get to meet other people and form relationships with those also working to achieve similar goals.

Something else I have been working on this past month is my posture. Unfortunately it’s never been great and thanks to Structure, I now know what I need to correct. It’s been really difficult but Kevin has been working with me during my workouts to help correct it. He has even modified my workouts to help with the problem.

Structure Personal Fitness

Last but not least, Structure Personal Fitness recently hired an amazing masseuse! Lucky me, I received my first massage last weekend, where all my kinks and tightness were worked out. It was completely relaxing and comfortable, so much so that I bought a package! Nothing could make your weekend better than finishing a grueling workout and winding down with a massage right after.

Interested in joining Structure Personal Fitness? You’re in luck because they have an AWESOME deal going on — their 30-day trial that includes a movement screen, personal fitness assessment, one private (1 on 1) training session, personalized 4 week training program, open use of the training facility, and 8 semi-private training sessions…all for just $199!

Structure Personal Fitness is located at 147 E. 72nd Street.

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